Nude women by Burki

To continue my series of 5 posts from Prague I will present one other great surprise. In the old Prague at Galerie Zlata Lilie I discovered the work of the photographer Milos Burkhardt, or just Burki. He works with female nude on studio, exterior and movement.  On this  currently  exhibition he presents a project –  Woman under water.

“Photography for me is a mean to express my deep respect and admiration for the beauty of the female form…Nature has created a gift, a monument- the female body- which is natural in its beauty and also absolutely perfect in its curves and shapes.”  he says.

All pictures by Maria Fernanda

Peru – Colors of Happiness

When the brazilian photographer Carlos Hinke,, travelled to Peru he had the expectation to be impressed with Machu Picchu and, of course, that also happened.

But something that he was not waiting for surprised him: Peruvian people smile easily with true happiness.

Even with the harsh weather the beauty of the people is among the best Peru has to offer. Their colorful clothes, craft art, fabrics and souvenirs break through the landscape composed by cobblestones. According to the photographer this was the most impressive thing he learned on this awesome cultural trip.

All Pictures bellow by Carlos Hinke