Horfee – Hard Comix solo exhibition in Paris

Last Saturday I joined the opening of the second solo show of the Parisian street and graphic artist Horfee. The exhibithion named Hard Comix took place at the Gallery Celal in Paris.

“Hard Comix” by Horfee at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

Hard Comix series on canvas is a result of a new challenge for Horfee. Producing works indoors in a studio, he criticizes the contemporary art world, the excess of the capitalism, corruption and greed. His inspiration comes from the original pulse of his city and also from old cartoons of the 30’s that he represents between illustration and abstraction.  Five hours after the opening of the show , half of the canvas were already sold, proving Horfee’s immense success.

“Escape dat shit” by Horfee at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

“Quatre éléments” by Horfee at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

“Skull head’s mechanics” by Horfee at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

“Try one” by Horfee at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

“Train 3” by Horfee at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

“Trains mascarade” by Horfee at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

“This is how we do it” by Horfee at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

Horfee at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

Horfee Vernissage at Celal Gallery – Photo Fernanda Hinke

Horfee started to work on the streets of Paris 12 years ago. He have been writing his name on walls, trains, trucks and roofs all over the world and his work is considered to be the most innovating and original graffiti in the world at the moment.  With a unique style mixing typography and illustration,  he loves bombing  (or “BOMB-BING” as he calls it) in a “dubs” (style of make graffiti very quickly).   But even with this underground attitude in his blood he also attended the “celebre” École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Graffiti by Horfee
Photo by Demian Smith – Alternative Paris

Graffiti by Horfee
Photo by Demian Smith – Alternative Paris

Graffiti by Horfee
Photo by Demian Smith – Alternative Paris

Last June in company of Demian Smith, we interviewed and recorded Horfee while he was making a wall with the British artist Sickboy in the eighteenth arrondissement in Paris, a wall arranged by Alternative Paris. Moment that we understood his point of view as a graffiti artist working between freely on the streets and for galleries. “The way that street art evolved gave us an opportunity to live from it without transforming what is the base, the base for us (me and my friends) is street graphic as a discipline, just putting your name out in the streets. Beside you are free to be an illustrator, and show your art with the same name that you sign on the streets inside galleries.”, Horfee explained us.

Horfe (left) & Sickboy (far right) stand in front of their painting at the eighteen arrondissement in Paris Photo by Demian Smith – Alternative Paris

Horfee & Sickboy work at eighteen arrondissement in Paris
Photo by Demian Smith – Alternative Paris

The show Horfee Hard Comix will run until December first at the Gallery Celal. For more information click here.  Our video interview with Horfee and takes from this amazing show will come soon!

Inside Outside – Street-Art exibhition in Amsterdam

I spent 10 lovely days of summer in Amsterdam biking and looking for street-art.

Even with some artistic references from others short trips that I did over there this year,  I allowed myself to make this search in a very raw way, just biking and being surprised with each art works that I found on the streets. I also visited some galleries and exhibitions focused on Street-art.

I will make a new series of posts about street art in Amsterdam,  starting with one exhibition that I joined at Go Gallery. The exhibition ends on August 26, but even with a short time to suggest you to visit it, I want to document and register this show that has a sharp curatorial work and high quality in each piece.

I also was really well received by one of the owners of the gallery, Mr. Farud Camabatta, who charmly and with passion presented me the concept of the show and the artists that the gallery represents.

Inside Outside exhibition shows what a few foreign and local artists think about Holland and Amsterdam in particularly. The Dutch Chesse maiden, Red light district, Maxima, Dutch haring,  soft drugs,  wooden shoes, canals, tulips,  Beatrix,  Gaypride, Dutch windmills, The Big 5: Rembrandt, Van Rijn ,  Vincent Van Gogh,  Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen,  Frans Hals and other Dutch and Amsterdam stereotypes are pictured in the art work.

The collective exhibition presets 6 artists: Mr. Trash, Second and Emess from Germany, The London Police, Ives.One and Oliver Philippe  from Amsterdam. The Netherlands, specially Amsterdam is world famous for its liberal way of thinking. Naturally this freedom is presented in this great show! If you are in Amsterdam this week I highly recommend you to visit Go Gallery.

“Funky Nightwatch” – Mr. Trash

“What a can looks like” – Mr. Trash

Alter Ego – Second

Lost Hero – Second

“Not bad Habiba, not bad” – The London Police

Barry I – The London Police

Oliver Philippe

Oliver Philippe



Vincent van Gogh – Emess

M.C. Escher – Emess

Dasein Projekt  x Paris Zona Libre  

Continuing the “Invasion Berlinoise” in Paris, last Saturday I joined the opening of the installation – Dasein Projekt x Paris Zona Libre. The second exhibition of the project Paris Zona Libre happening now at the Gallery Frichez Nous La Paix on Belleville neighbourhood.

After the exhibition of the itinerant Gallery Open Walls with some well known artists of the street art scene from Berlin, it’s time for Estelle Beuvais, director and producer of a series of french-german movies called Dasein Projekt.

In the occasion of this event, through a collaborative way, the concept of the project was to bring 80 different artists from Berlin and Paris to present their work sticking it in the gallery (and outside as well). Moment also to present the new series of movies that Estelle produced, called: No Art No Street (which can be entirely watched on the Desain Projekt website).

It was pleasuring to spend the raining Saturday afternoon watching the act outside of the gallery. The work of the artists were stick on the wall by the representative and very good hands of artists such as SP-38 and Demain Roudeau who is also responsible for the organization of this event.

SP 38 painting alive for Dasein Projekt

Around 7pm the official opening started with good music and an animated party. The walls inside of the gallery were all covered by pictures and drawings full of poetry,  everything in black and white.

If you are interested to submerse yourself in the beautiful and positive message of the fusion of the creative scene from Berlin-Paris, make sure to reserve a good time to visit the small gallery and appreciate each universe of the 80 different artists.

The installation is running until this Thursday, June 14!

Below pictures of the event.

Great street art exhibition in Paris

This week I visited two galleries to see Street Art “on canvas’. This is one great thing about this cosmopolitan city, in Paris there are so many cultural and artistic things happening for all kind of tastes. Normally, Wednesday to Friday are the official days for the vernissages.

Yesterday I went to see the opening of the “Collages Urbains”. A Collective exhibition that presents works with variable techniques as drawing, painting, silkscreen, paper and mirrors cutting and writing, all this presented by the artists: Fred Le Chevalier, Diamant, Rubbish Cube, L.N.2.3, Pioc Ppc, Suriani, Clet, Paella, Gregos and Shadee.K.

The artists use to put their works on the streets to bring color, happiness and poetry for our ordinary lifes. Accepting that their works exposed to the obvious characteristic of the streets, the ephemeral, fragile victim of time, occasionally get stolen.

The exhibition proposed to reveal the personality and style of each artist, giving them a generous light on each work.

“Collages Urbains” will be running until June 24 at the gallery Le cabinet d’ Amateur in the eleventh arrondissement.

All pictures by Maria Fernanda

Rubbish Cube



Fred Le Chevalier, Diamant, L.N.2.3

Rubbish Cub

Paella, Gregos, Diamant, Shadee.K, Rubbish Cub


An other exhibition I visited this week, was at Frichez-Nous la Paix, in the heart of the Belleville neighborhood.

Considered the meca of street art in Paris, this place is a mix of gallery, meeting place,  workshop and a privileged spectator of street art performances achieved on the ‘opposite wall’.

With the theme “Paris Zona Libre” that will run until June 30, 4 invasions from Berlin will happen mixing works of art, movie, music and serigraphy alive (check here their complete agenda).

Until 6 June, the first  Berlinoise invasion at this place is presented by the itinerant Berlim street art gallery Open Walls that brings to Paris recent works form the artists: Alias , BR1, SP 38, Tona & Vermibus.

It’s a very good opportunity to have a vision of the capital shifted yet “rebellious”.






BR1, Vermibus

Graffiti and Vintage Furniture from the streets.

To celebrate the first birthday of the Gallery Wallworks in Paris, one exhibition called “Ne Pas Effacer” – Do not delete, with the participation of 19 street artists from United States, Singapore and France is running until May, 30.

Crash, JonOne, Sonic (United States), Scope (Singapore), Alex, Ceet, Colorz, Der, Dizer, Fenx, Gilbert, Juan, Kongo, Lazoo, Nebay, Oeno, Poes, Rest and Tilt (France), present us the graffiti inside the gallery, but not on the traditional canvas, however in a vintage furniture from the streets – Traffic signs, subway maps, phone boxes, enamelled plates of subway stations, banks and the subway doors, fire alarm, signals, signs and bus stops, mailboxes, etc.. –

One of the pieces that kept my attention was a seat of the first class from the old metro in Paris made by the artist Kongo. He recently did one series of 8 stamps of their famous scarves on request of the luxury brand Herme.

The talent of those, mostly old school, artists is perceived clearly on this furniture that gave birth to their creativity. When observing a work of art from a street artist, not in a traditional medium, but on the real scenery where the art happened, we realized that street art is not always about the subject, but yet about the perspective where it  comes from.

All pictures above by Maria Fernanda

Old metro seat by Kongo


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Nude women by Burki

To continue my series of 5 posts from Prague I will present one other great surprise. In the old Prague at Galerie Zlata Lilie I discovered the work of the photographer Milos Burkhardt, or just Burki. He works with female nude on studio, exterior and movement.  On this  currently  exhibition he presents a project –  Woman under water.

“Photography for me is a mean to express my deep respect and admiration for the beauty of the female form…Nature has created a gift, a monument- the female body- which is natural in its beauty and also absolutely perfect in its curves and shapes.”  he says.

All pictures by Maria Fernanda