Food experience in Paris from abroad

One thing that I love in Paris is the multiculturalism. I use to live in Toronto last year and I had multicultural experience as I am having in Paris. In Canada, I knew people from more that 40 different nationalities and also tried  their foods. Paris has one of the best foods and chefs in the world but, because it’s a mix of people, here you can also find really good and affordable restaurants from abroad.

I tried 2 special ones: Japanese (not sushi) restaurant and one Tibetan. With environments completely different, both were a whole experience. That for me, means to have a good food, service, decor and music.

The Tibetan YAK (in the third arrondissement)  is a peaceful place with a sweet staff from Tibet. A great selection of pictures  from their country on the wall and  Buddhist  references, you can take a sit in front of the Offerings ritual (a traditional way to pray and meditate on Buddhism philosophy) and also contemplate all aspects of the atmosphere, with furniture and also very calm music. The silverware that presents us the food is so delicate, like a “grandmother house” with this so positive energy, of course the food was really delicious.

The Japanese one calls KUNITORAYA   it’s in the first arrondissement, they have 3 units (1 Japan and 2 in Paris). Relaxed ambient, where you have a sit and watch they cook your food. The place is small, but they have also a little wine rack downstairs, classic music was playing and all the cool Japanese staff was really friendly. And the food, great visual surprise and taste combination.

All pictures by Maria Fernanda

Graffiti and Vintage Furniture from the streets.

To celebrate the first birthday of the Gallery Wallworks in Paris, one exhibition called “Ne Pas Effacer” – Do not delete, with the participation of 19 street artists from United States, Singapore and France is running until May, 30.

Crash, JonOne, Sonic (United States), Scope (Singapore), Alex, Ceet, Colorz, Der, Dizer, Fenx, Gilbert, Juan, Kongo, Lazoo, Nebay, Oeno, Poes, Rest and Tilt (France), present us the graffiti inside the gallery, but not on the traditional canvas, however in a vintage furniture from the streets – Traffic signs, subway maps, phone boxes, enamelled plates of subway stations, banks and the subway doors, fire alarm, signals, signs and bus stops, mailboxes, etc.. –

One of the pieces that kept my attention was a seat of the first class from the old metro in Paris made by the artist Kongo. He recently did one series of 8 stamps of their famous scarves on request of the luxury brand Herme.

The talent of those, mostly old school, artists is perceived clearly on this furniture that gave birth to their creativity. When observing a work of art from a street artist, not in a traditional medium, but on the real scenery where the art happened, we realized that street art is not always about the subject, but yet about the perspective where it  comes from.

All pictures above by Maria Fernanda

Old metro seat by Kongo


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Global Warming by Daniel Krejbich

To close my series of 5 posts from Prague I will talk about the strong work from  the Czech artist Daniel Krejbich.

When I was at the underground pub and gallery in Old Prague I saw some of the 30 canvas of his series called Global Warming. On that night, when I asked for the manager of the pub about who was that artist, he immediately called Daniel, who so kind came to  give a personal explanation about his work and creative process.

The collection Global Warming was created to express the post-apocalyptic times, where people still do live and however surprised happy in some way. They do not need to dress anything, still making love, sometimes adult sooner, sometimes lost in time, like an alive statue.

The pieces combine pure happiness with scariness about how to live in that moment. With some aspects from our times, like pornography and war. We can also see the classical woman figure meeting the future kid after the third world conflict. He also presents us a representation about free sex and sex just for reproduction. Child birth out of many time of any time and reality with first planet which appeared to guard the new child. Illustrations as early pregnancy, existence of hermaphrodite as an exhausted remain of the environment can be seen in this amazing collection. Painting directly on plywood instead of canvasses, his works are combined of drawing, alcohol based colors which allow to maximize the wooden effect more than acrylic color, very often fluorescent.

It is impossible not to be touched with this deep and ahead of his time genial artist.

Daniel is also an architect and studies figurative drawing at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design of Prague. He is represented at the Museum of Contemporary art Acorcon in Madrid, Museo arquitectura del Ecuador and several private art collections in Europe and United States.

Fred Le Chavalier – First Vernissage

Yesterday, it was the first vernissage of one of my favourite street artists in Paris – Fred Le Chavalier. The event just confirmed the huge success that this so poetic artistic have been achieving.

Less than one hour after the opening, all the pieces were sold and the guests were much more than predicted.

It was a tremendous pleasure to know and talk with this gentleman artist and to see that his art is intrinsically connected to his sweet personality.

The exhibition will run until March 4 at Houla Oups Pub – Rue Basfrol 4, open starting 18h. If you are in Paris, I really recommend to see this touching work.

Congratulations Fred Le Chavalier!

Street art in Paris

While I am writing my last post about Prague, which I consider the most important, I decided to post some pictures that I have been collecting in those 3 months since I arrived in Paris.

My first plan was to talk about each artist individually, but I just decided to show it as a collective because I realized that some of those works are already gone.

The “ephemeral phenomenon” is a peculiarity that I love about street art. Sometimes is there forever, some times just for a few days or for few hours. Specially when interventions happen and change the first proposal, giving a whole new meaning for the concept.