Global Warming by Daniel Krejbich

To close my series of 5 posts from Prague I will talk about the strong work from  the Czech artist Daniel Krejbich.

When I was at the underground pub and gallery in Old Prague I saw some of the 30 canvas of his series called Global Warming. On that night, when I asked for the manager of the pub about who was that artist, he immediately called Daniel, who so kind came to  give a personal explanation about his work and creative process.

The collection Global Warming was created to express the post-apocalyptic times, where people still do live and however surprised happy in some way. They do not need to dress anything, still making love, sometimes adult sooner, sometimes lost in time, like an alive statue.

The pieces combine pure happiness with scariness about how to live in that moment. With some aspects from our times, like pornography and war. We can also see the classical woman figure meeting the future kid after the third world conflict. He also presents us a representation about free sex and sex just for reproduction. Child birth out of many time of any time and reality with first planet which appeared to guard the new child. Illustrations as early pregnancy, existence of hermaphrodite as an exhausted remain of the environment can be seen in this amazing collection. Painting directly on plywood instead of canvasses, his works are combined of drawing, alcohol based colors which allow to maximize the wooden effect more than acrylic color, very often fluorescent.

It is impossible not to be touched with this deep and ahead of his time genial artist.

Daniel is also an architect and studies figurative drawing at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design of Prague. He is represented at the Museum of Contemporary art Acorcon in Madrid, Museo arquitectura del Ecuador and several private art collections in Europe and United States.

59 Rivoli – An Artistic Revolution

A liberal space where artists show their work and share their lives. This is the 59 Rivoli.

Located at the heart of Paris, a 6-storey building, with free entry that hosts 30 artists of different forms of artistic expression, cultural events and concerts on weekends.

The true democratization of art, 59 Rue de Rivolli is ranked the third in Paris to receive the highest number of visitors to contemporary art.

It all started with a simple formula: great intentions, will power and a lot of courage. That is what, in 1999, a trio of artists called the KGB (Kalex, Gaspard and Bruno) did when they occupied this building and called it “Chez Robert, Electron Libre”. In 2006 the building was purchased by the city hall, who renovated it during three years reopening its doors to art in 2009.

The studios are public spaces, where visitors experience the artists in creation.

The revolutionary mission of this community is to provide another connection, deeper between artist and audience, unlike the static and immobile system led by galleries.

A large spiral staircase with walls covered in graffiti leads to the sixth floor, where it is possible to feel the effervescence and naturalness of what art should be: True to the purest of intentions.

All pictures below by Maria Fernanda