13 –  Kashink number of luck!

On the beginning of my first Parisian autumn, yesterday I went to Le M.U.R to check on Kashink artistic performance. Women are quite rare on street-art world, so it was wonderful to meet someone like her. Wearing a t-shirt with a work of Jean-Michel-Basquiat, an atypical mustache in her delicate face and distributing  sincere smiles for everybody make her performance even special to the audience appreciating her hands sliding with spray cans in sweet colors drawing her unmistakable characters.

Kashink performance at Le M.U.R

Kashink paints huge protean figures with multiple eyes, men mostly, or skulls in Mexico, all in a colorful graphic style, away from traditional references of female graffiti. She is inspired by Frida Kahlo, the Bad Painting Basquiat and Keith Haring .  Among the themes that are usual to her, there are taboo subjects in our society, such as homosexuality, women’s status, or death.

Kashink work in progress at Le M.U.R

In this painting on Le M.U.R she putted the number 13 as the third eye of her character, her number of luck, she explained me. She also wrote the phrase  “Okay Mom I will”, which for her is the story about a Mom concerning with his son and his response boring but positive.  What she really like, is when people look for her drawings in a way to stimulating their creativity and create their own stories.

Kashink performance at Le M.U.R

Kashink performance at Le M.U.R

Kashink performance at Le M.U.R

Kashink performance at Le M.U.R


Le M.U.R is always a friendly place to meet friends and lovers for street-art. A meeting point to review special people and also exchange about urban art.  I guess Kashink painted for more than 8 hours in total the huge panels of 6x4m. I enjoyed 3 hours of her work after been chilled by the cold  autumn sensation on the air.  Sadly I left before she finished the work yesterday, then I came back this morning to take pictures of the work.

Kashink work in progress this morning

Kashink work in progress this morning

Kashink – “Okay Mom I will”

Thanks to a  beautiful surprise from the Universe, this morning, while writing this article beside Le M.U.R at Charbon Café I met Kashink again finishing the work that was supposed to be finished yesterday.  I had the pleasure to talk with her again and have her explanation about this work. I asked her to sign my bike and as always, smiling she gave me this beautiful gift!!!

Kashink for Le M.U.R

Kashink signing my bike


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