Paris – NY – Rio

A new exhibition called “Dans les rues de Paris, New York, Rio” is running until February 25 at Galerie Brugier-Rigail with the artists Quik (NY), Parisians Miss. Tic, Pradel-Fraysse and Speed Graphito and the talented Brazilian Smael from Rio de Janeiro.

There, 50 signed serigraphs, numbered and made by the hands of the poetic artist Miss. Tic, are sold for 380 euros each. Worth to mention that lately her work has also been sold by major auction houses.

The work that drew my attention was of the Brazilian artist Smael who recently had a solo exhibition here in Paris with the mote of one of his passions,“Bicicletas”. One of those canvas can be appreciated at this exhibition. Isn’t it a sweet coincidence with this blog? Bikes and street art always turn to a magic combination.

All pictures by Maria Fernanda

"Bicicletas" by Smael - Rio

Smael - Rio

Miss. Tic - Paris

Miss. Tic - Paris

Quik - NY

Quik - NY

Speedy Graphito - Paris

Speedy Graphito - Paris


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