Elicser – A sharp talented Canadian street artist

One of the artists that was responsible to make me fall in love for street art was the Canadian Elicser. I saw his work for the first time at Harlen restaurant downtown Toronto and, hence to his very particular trace, I was super able to recognize his work spread on the streets.

A popular and prolific artist both in and outdoors, Elicser describes his style as being made up of figurative and abstract shapes and forms. With a gritty-soft pallet of distorted figures, teetering tree houses, jumbled skylines, and even infamous hug-me trees, Elicser Elliot is arguably Toronto’s best loved of graffiti artists.

The community of street art in Toronto has been fighting a “war” against the mayor Rob Ford who  has the intention of “cleaning” the walls of the city, generalizing that all the street art is an act of vandalism.

I really hope to come back to Toronto and find the multicultural scene of street art even more powerful.

All pictures by Maria Fernanda


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